Our Job As Your Event DJ

 In reality, being a Wedding DJ is a bit more complex than this definition would make it appear. It may seem that the job of a DJ could be easily replaced by a music playlist, but there are a few things a Wedding DJ can do that no instrument playing musician can accomplish:

– A Wedding DJ can mix songs and create musical transitions. This allows the intro and outro of various songs to lead smoothly into one another, allowing music to flow easily and without any startling disruptions that might dampen the mood or be distracting for the crowd. Our job as a DJ is to get the dance floor going and keep it going and to accomodate our customers needs and this may require only selecting tracks which are radio edited to remove inappropriate language for tracks for e.g children’s party. 


-A Wedding DJ will also make sure that the audio output levels remain consistent between songs. This is important because some songs will have much louder or softer elements than others, and playing the two back to back can be jarring. Having someone tend to the sound levels keeps the music flowing smoothly without distractions whilst keeping the levels within the venues parameters and avoid noise complaints.

– A Wedding trained DJ can read the crowd and change up the playlist to help keep the mood of the event consistent. If the energy levels of the gathering are starting to drop, a change to more up-beat songs may be in order; if the night is starting to wind down, more laid back music could be initiated.

– DJs at events often also act as announcers or event organisers who are able to keep the party on track. For example, they may announce things like a newly wedded couples first dance that is coming up at a wedding reception, hand the microphone over to guests for speeches and otherwise keep the night moving according to schedule.

Essentially, the benefit of a good Wedding DJ is the ability to make the music flow naturally and seamlessly in a way that will be pleasing to the ears and maintain the desired energy levels. This is more complicated than it may seem at first, and the best DJs will usually have an excellent ear for sound and even experience with sound engineering and musical theory.

– Our DJ’s also take control of all effects and DJ lighting for the event, This may include programming lights to a  particular venue layout, Adjust brightness and intensity of effects to accomodate guests