Wedding DJ

Ever wonder what a wedding DJ does? At first glance DJ’ing a wedding may seem pretty easy; however, once you dig deeper into what it takes to pull off a successful wedding reception it becomes readily apparent that being a great wedding DJ is no easy task!

Your Wedding DJ Consultant

Of course, playing music is a major part of the wedding DJ’s job but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Well before your wedding DJ plays the first song of the night a lot of work and preparation has gone into ensuring the evening goes smoothly. A good wedding DJ will spend hours communicating with the Bride and Groom planning out how the reception will unfold. During these discussions the DJ will get a feel of how the Bride and Groom want their reception to go, develop a timeline, determine music likes and dislikes, practice pronouncing the names of the wedding party and much, much more. On the day of the wedding the DJ will act as a liaison between all of the different vendors ensuring everything goes smoothly and everyone is aware of the order of events.

Our Sound Engineer

Hours before your guests arrived your DJ has carried lot’s of heavy equipment into your venue and used their knowledge of audio equipment and sound reinforcement to set up all of the sound equipment for your reception and make sure that everything is working properly and sounds great.

Your Wedding dj

Now that all of the formalities are out of the way it is time to get down! When it comes to actually playing the music at your wedding reception a good wedding DJ will be your music programmer and mix-master. Anyone can play music, pressing a button is not hard. Loading up an iPod is not hard. One of the most important skills of a wedding DJ is programming, playing the right song at the right time. You can have two DJ’s with the same list of songs to play and drastically different results depending on their programming abilities. The DJ who is an experienced programmer will have a packed dance floor all night because they know what songs to play when. A poor programmer will have a mediocre dance floor at best because there is no flow that builds up the energy on the dance floor.

A Partner in the Success of Your Wedding

A good wedding DJ will also be skilled at mixing or transitioning your music selections together so the songs flow seamlessly into one another and the energy on the dance floor isn’t killed by “dead air” or some annoying DJ announcing each song they are playing. Becoming a skilled mix-master takes years of practice and dedication. When all is said and done a good wedding DJ is much more than some guy or girl sitting there pressing play. They are a partner in the success of your wedding reception who you are trusting with one of the most important days of your life.

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